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Proceeds from this event will be used to provide mental health support to our community through a partnership with Solace Counseling.

As beneficiary of Mom Prom 2023, Solace Counseling has established the H.E.A.L. grant (Helping Erie Access Light), which will allow residents and students of Erie to access no-cost mental health services through Solace Counseling's group practice as long as grant funds remain available. Each recipient of H.E.A.L. funds will be able to access any one of the following at no-cost:

2 Individual Sessions

2 Couples Therapy Sessions

2 Family Therapy Sessions

8 Group Therapy Sessions (equivalent to an entire group series)

All new inquiries to Solace Counseling will be automatically screened for eligibility to access the H.E.A.L. funds as long as funds remain available. Solace Counseling anticipates being able to provide services to approximately 75 families as a result of the monies raised at Mom Prom!

Learn more about Solace Counseling:

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